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Optimum Performance Saddles Ltd

Pre-Owned Saddles

Elly regrets that due to extreme pressure of work they are not usually able to travel out to fit secondhand saddles.

We like to make clients aware that fitting a secondhand saddle is always a compromise and in an ideal world all horses would have their own new saddle, she does understand that some owners will have budget limitations. Therefore, we do keep a selection of good quality used saddles in stock. These are all in excellent condition and generally of recent design. Prices usually vary from £500 to £1200.

If you are interested in the purchase of a secondhand saddle, could you please complete the enquiry form and send in photographs of your horse (examples are provided under the Photos for Saddle Fitting Heading). Elly can then look through the stock and get back to you as to whether they have anything which may be suitable.

If there are some potentially suitable saddles, clients are very welcome to book their horse in here at Glebe for a fitting. It is always preferable to have the saddle fitted as secondhand saddles will have moulded to the previous wearer and generally require adjustment to a fit a new horse. We have full trial facilities at Glebe Farm with a large sand school and good parking available plus a well equipped workshop where necessary adjustments can be made.